Brand Parenting      
About Us
Brand Parenting is an India based brand consulting firm that partners with clients to create brand leadership strategies and market driven solutions.

Brand Parenting is a young organization, formed in August 2001. Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients and facilitate brand strategy development. In an increasingly complex and uncertain marketplace, we help our clients make the right strategic marketing choices. We provide strategic branding expertise plus the process to build their market knowledge, to uncover new customer and market insights, to develop winning growth strategies, and to deliver business results. We not only provide the required solutions, but also team up with the clients at all crucial stages of implementation, thereby assisting in all activities of marketing and establishing the brand.

Some of the strong beliefs and principles that underline our approach in developing growth strategies for our clients are:
Brands give a company its competitive edge.
Brands determine the success of any organization.
Brands create value.
Strong brands need strong organizations.
Brands provide entry barrier.